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How to operate a Carrier Easy thermostat

Carrier Easy Stat

Carrier designed this thermostat to be easy to use. You can it use as a regular thermostat, which is what most people do. Or, you can use it as a programmable one, to turn the system off and on, at preset times.

Regular thermostat operation--

To run as a regular thermostat, there are only three settings to be concerned about. They are as follows.

align="left" >1. SELECT MODE--The MODE/NEXT button has three settings. OFF, HEAT, and COOL. Press the MODE/NEXT button until you come to the setting you want, off, heat or cool. Then, go to the next step.

2. SELECT DESIRED TEMPERATURE--You adjust the temperature with the UP or DOWN buttons. Pressing the UP/DOWN buttons in HEAT or COOL modes, will adjust only the temperature in that mode. The system will then start and stop according to the temperature you selected.

3. FAN OPERATION--Look at the screen. If you see the words--FAN ON, it means the fan will run coninuously. If you want the fan to come on only when the heating or cooling runs, press the fan button again and the words--FAN ON, will disappear. The FAN ON, is normally only used, when you want to circulate the air in the house.

Programming the thermostat--

Most people program the thermostat for when they are out of the house for a number of hours during the day. They put the system to "sleep". Before they come home, they want the thermostat to "wake up" and cool, the house.

Here is what to do. Swing the door open from right to left. You will then see the control buttons.

Check the time on the screen. If correct, skip the next step. If not,

TO SET THE TIME --Press the SET CLOCK button. The time will begin to flash. Press the UP or DOWN button to set the time. Press the SET CLOCK button to return to normal operation.

Set the mode you want to run in--cool or heat-- by pressing the MODE/NEXT button.

Then press the SET PROGRAM button. The time will begin to flash and you will see the word "wake" on the screen. This is the time you want the system to start (or wake up). Set the "wake" time by pushing the UP or DOWN buttons.

Press MODE/NEXT button next. The number on the screen will flash. This is the "wake" temperature the system will run at. Set it to where you want, by pushing the UP or DOWN buttons.

Press the MODE/NEXT button. The word "sleep" will show on the screen. Set the time you want the system to "sleep" by pushing the UP or DOWN buttons.

Press the MODE/NEXT button. The number on the screen will flash. This is the "sleep" temperature the system will operate at. Set it to where you want by pushing the UP or DOWN buttons. If you have no plants or animals to cool, there is nothing wrong with setting the sleep temperature to 90 degrees or higher.

Press the SET PROGRAM or MODE/NEXT button to leave setup and return to normal operation.

Press the PROGRAM ON/OFF button to start or stop the program. You will know when you are in the program mode if you see either "wake" or "sleep" on the screen. You can switch back and forth from program to regular thermostat, whenever you want. The program settings will never change until you make a change, by going through the above


For Air Conditioning Technicians

Advanced Thermostat Settings--

This part of the set-up program is for those having knowledge of air conditioning and its terms. Ethan Clark A/C makes this information available for our technicians in the field.

To enter into the advanced section, press the MODE/NEXT button. While holding the MODE/NEXT button, press the PROGRAM ON/OFF button to enter the setup screens. Each screen has a number located at the bottom right corner of the display for easy reference.

Pressing the UP or DOWN arrows will change the settings of the screen you are looking at.

When finished with the current screen, press the MODE/NEXT button to go to the next screen. You cannot go back to the previous screen. You can cycle through all the screens, in their order, as many times you want.

To exit the advanced set-up at any time, press the PROGRAM ON/OFF button.

Here are the different screens, and their number, you will find at the bottom right hand corner--

SCREEN 2. Thermoglow backlight. Yes to stay on constantly. No to come on only when a button is pressed. After 8 seconds of non-use, light goes off.

SCREEN 3. Heat/Cool. Thermostat can be used as heat only, cool only, or both heat and cool.

SCREEN 4. Configure for Heat Pump. Yes for heat pump or no for not a heat pump.

SCREEN 5. Reversing Valve polarity. Used in heat pump applications. O or B

SCREEN 6. Electric Heat. Yes or no. When used for electric heat, fan will come on immediately any time there is a demand for heat. This feature should be off for gas furnaces as they control the fan themselves.,

SCREEN 7. Deadband Temperature swing. Number of degrees room temperature has to move before system restarts. 1 to 6 degrees.

SCREEN 8. Limit number of cycles per hour. 2 to 6. Or "d" for no limit or "d1" for no limit and no compressor timer lockout.

SCREEN 9. Fahrenheit or Centigrade. F or C.


CALIBRATION--Every thermostat is calibrated before it leaves the factory. Under normal circumstances, there will never be a need to recalibrate the thermostat again.

To accomodate special needs, the thermostat may be recalibrated following these steps:

1. While holding the MODE/NEXT button in, press the FAN button for 5 seconds. After all the icons in the display appear, release the buttons.

2. Press the UP and DOWN arrow buttons simultaneously, twice.

3. Press the UP or DOWN buttons until the flashing number equals the current room temperature.

4. Press the MODE/NEXT button to return to normal operation.

TWO STAGE OPERATION. The second stage of heat or cool is turned on when the first stage has been on for a minimum of two minutes and the temperature spread from the setpoint is equal to or greater than the setpoint, plus the deadband, plus 2 degrees.

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